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How to Flush the AC
Turn off the AC at the thermostat
Flush, wait 15 min, turn AC back on

How to Flush A/C Water Lines. The A/C is cooled by water, and we are going to BACKFLUSH the condensor.

1.  Locate brass colored filter

2.  Open valve #1  turn Handle  tp  be IN LINE with drain

     line ( you should hear water flowing)

3. Close Valve #2  turn handle until perpendicular to line

      ( you should still hear water flowing)

4  Let water flow for 2 - 4 minutes

5.  Open Valve #2

      (handle should be IN LINE with the hose)

6.  Let water flow for 1 min

7.  Slowly CLOSE Valve #1

        (you should not hear any water running)